Mission / Values / Vision


Being a reference company in the construction sector, looking for:

  • Plan, manage and execute public and proven contracts with a high quality standard;
  • meet and exceed customer expectations;
  • be attractive to employees; continuously optimize overall performance results;



The position adopted by Vamaro S.A. and its actions are governed by a set of noble and fundamental values, among which are identified the following:

  • Commitment and Responsibility
  • Competence and Rigor
  • Integrity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Solidarity, Cohesion and Team Spirit
  • Sustainability of the organizational structure



Seek to be a reference company in the engineering and construction sector, being always at the forefront of constructive solutions.

To assure to its employees a continuous training that allows an optimization of the results, with a view to the integral satisfaction of the clients of Vamaro S.A.

Aware of the technical and social responsibility stemming from the trust placed in us, always seek to advance and evolve, based on our Values ​​and Mission.