About us


Private Limited Company


VAMARO, was formally established on 13 February 1982, having begun as a public works contractor and civil construction products manufacturer in March 1987 according to permits issued by the Public and Private Works Permits Committee.

Their public and private construction works focus on remodeling, renovating, repainting, maintenance and building demolition.

VAMARO has increased its range of service and solutions, expanding its know-how in all aspects of civil construction works, private and public works, and has broadened the range of those who trust and thereby distinguish the company.

Its technical and financial competence and skills have been continually acknowledged by Rules and Regulations Authority and IMPIC by issuing Construction Permits (no. 83675-PB) as described below.


Public Limited Company

VAMARO, Construção Civil, S.A.

In 2002 "VAMARO, Construção Civil, Lda" (Private Limited Company) converted into "VAMARO, Construção Civil, S.A" (Public Limited Company).

At VAMARO, we make a daily effort to apply our extensive experience to each and every public or private construction project, a start point for a future full of challenges.
As far as presenting specific solutions to specific problems, VAMARO frequently integrates different technologies and skills in a solution as a result of experience in developing specific answers as well as a flexible approach to cater to the needs of our Clients.

In close collaboration with some of the most renowned companies in the same line of business, VAMARO has contributed to the satisfaction of organizations, companies and individual clients.
Our concern for service quality has been present for the last twenty-five years. Our clients’ trust, our suppliers’ partnership and our workers satisfaction prove that.