Security Policy

Decree-Law no. 273/2003 of 29 October, defines regulations, most of them already mentioned (albeit implicitly) in Decree-Law no. 155/95 of 1 July, which support a Safety Management System for Construction Works Industry.

Our Safety and Health policy complies with the system and aims to prevent professional and work-related risks, while establishing behaviour patterns at work.
VAMARO, S.A. is well aware of risks to be considered in order to control and eliminate the occurrence of work accidents.

Health and Safety Plans specify risk prevention measures to promote Health and Safety conditions at the worksite and avoid work accidents.

To achieve this aim, rules and regulations are transmitted at all levels of management of the works, making them understandable to all people involved and demanding they be applied by the those persons responsible for implementing security measures in eth workplace.

For each contract VAMARO, S.A.’s aims are as follows:

• To remove all accident risks at work concluding all activities with the proper health and safety conditions;
• To contribute to the reduction of the causes of occupational diseases at Civil and Public Construction Works;
• To reach high productivity as a result of excellent work conditions;
• To perform all works with specified quality in an organized and proper environment;
• To minimize social and economic costs from accidents;
• To contribute to the existence of a Safety Culture at the worksite involving all the persons involved in the works.
• Prevent risks at the source and evaluate the unavoidable ones;
• To be aware of technical development;
• To plan prevention with a system that integrates technique, work organization, work conditions, social relationships and work environmental factors.
• To give priority to collective protection measures instead of individual ones.